Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm sorry

Hello everyone:

First, I must apologize for not being on this blog. My life took a sudden downward spiral and it has rocked my world. But I made a promise to myself that I will pick myself up by my boot straps and dust myself off and move forward.

People have still been rude and strange so plenty of things to blog about.

Thank you for your patience.


Back From the Hiatus, with a Query

So sorry we haven't been active on this blog for a while! I hope we haven't lost too many of our adoring fans.

Today I would like to pose a question to you, as I can't decide whether this is just weird or if it actually violates some rule of etiquette. Therefore, I leave it to you to decide.

There is a certain person that doesn't work for my employer, but visits the building on a regular (e.g. at least weekly) basis. Every time she comes in she makes a pit stop in the restroom, and to put it delicately, she takes her time. And every single time she sits in the restroom for her 10 or 15 minute "break" she whips out her cell phone.

Now, it's one thing if you send a quick text from the toilet. It may be a little weird but no one really has to know, right? If one does so with the sound turned all the way up on her phone, making it obvious to anyone else who happens to also be in the restroom what she's doing... Okay, fine. Text away shamelessly, that's your business I suppose.

But it's quite another thing to carry on a full telephone conversation while sitting in the stall. And it's a whooooole other thing entirely to be carrying on said conversation with the phone on SPEAKER.

Yeah, I said speaker phone! In the bathroom!! Whilst doing things that many women don't even admit to their significant others that they do!!!

So you tell me: Rude? Or just plain gross? And as my high school English teacher used to say, "Be specific."

Love and kisses,