Monday, February 15, 2010

Is that a wart on my ring finger?

At the end of last summer, I lost my marriage of 16 years and my job within a matter of 30 days. I can't say it has been an easy road for me for the last 6 months, heck I can't even believe its been 6 months already. I am knee deep in crap. I am actually, treading water in a sea of CRAP! Not too sure which direction to swim in.

Things aren't so bad, I have to add. I am sure it could be a lot worse. The Asshat ( term of enderment) and I are actually very nice to each other, with the execption of me getting super angry on occasion and not being able to hold my lady like mouth in check. But other than the random "you suck" or "you ruined my life", things could be a lot worse I guess.

Why can't life be like a TV show, why can't I just one day wake up and I am in great apartment, with great furniture, new life, new everything? Why don't I have the job of my dreams? Why am I not divorced yet? WHY IS HE STILL HERE? Is that a wart on my ring finger?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really? You said what?

I am not trying to fool anyone. I know I am a big girl. Always have been always will be. I know deep inside I am Kate Moss trapped in my mother's body. But I don't need gentle hints from ANYONE to tell me such. For the most part people accept me, even have been know to be my friend and walk with me in public. But are backhanded and sly comments really necessary?

I started a new job recently, and as all new jobs go, you want to impress, make friends, and generally hope people find you nice and not odd. But from the get go, straight from the gate my new co-worker finds the need to get a dig in here or there. Oh, and trust me I am not being overly sensitive.

Week #1: I am warming up a Lean Cuisine, (the office food of choice for many people I might add!) and she asks me "do you like that or are you on a diet?" WOW! Well, let's see. I am late for work and threw this in my bag, there are no food options around my new place of work and NO I am not on a diet!

Week #2: She walks over and goes "I heard you don't like your chair, do you want mine? It's too big for me, but "SHOULD" work for YOU." Ah...really, it "SHOULD" work, what is THAT supposed to mean? I am not John Goodman for Pete's sake! Chairs generally "WORK" for people no matter what their size (excluding the exceptions of course).

Now friends, this is just a taste of the comments and jabs this person delivers, almost weekly. Mostly, I have taken the high road. Laughed it off then phoned a friend to vent and complain. But I am on week #8 with this new job, not too sure my tongue won't have a mind of its own one day and just let loose! Not too sure my hormones won't be flairing one day! Not too sure my FAT ASS might not kick her MENOPAUSAL BUTT! In my mind of course. Because I am a lady, and generally nice by nature.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!