Monday, October 26, 2009

Get out of my bubble!

Well first of all, I must admit it is very rude of us not to have posted any observations of rude behavior in almost a whole month!! What's going on? Has the world suddenly become a kinder, gentler, and more considerate place? Or have the masses started reading this blog and seen the error of their ways?

Hmm... doubtful. More likely we authors have just been too busy and too lazy to post (respectively - I'm the lazy one).

So now, I give you my bubble story.

I was standing in line at Subway last week when another woman got in line behind me. Once I got to the counter I could feel her presence. As I moved down the counter to have ingredients added to my sammy she was literally standing just inches to my left. If we'd been outside she would've been in my shadow. She wasn't touching me, but if I leaned just so, she would have been.

I just don't understand this. Was she trying to get closer to her sandwich? Was she trying to figure out the best way to steal my purse? Did she just like the way I smelled? (I do bathe every day!)

I get that not everyone requires a three-foot bubble around their person in order to feel comfortable, and some people have no need for "personal space" at all. But why not err on the side of caution, and take a step back to ensure another person's comfort? Besides, you never know if they'll be wearing dirty undies that day... (No, I wasn't!)

I admit that sometimes when this happens to me I move my purse around just enough to nudge the offender with it, you know, to let them know they're a TAD close. Not very polite, and I do save that for extreme situations. (Although, in extreme situations the purse-nudge never works, but it does make me feel a tiny bit better.) Besides, this lady was rather diminutive and I probably would have gotten her right in the head. What do you think - is it acceptable/polite to ask someone standing in your "personal space" to move? How would you handle the situation? Have you ever asked someone to get out of your bubble?



Pinkzombies said...

ha!!i can completely relate to this. I have to go to the post office weekly and once a 40+ gentleman was in my personal space (people in the post office are big fans of "if I'm partically half way up your rear then I'm that much closer to getting service". After about 3 minutes of this hip (Lord i hope) touching me. I turned and glared at him... seemed to do the job.

Don't Call Us Kate said...

Nice! PZ, you are my hero.

Pinkzombies said...

I'm sad you guys haven't written,i love this blog.