Monday, February 15, 2010

Is that a wart on my ring finger?

At the end of last summer, I lost my marriage of 16 years and my job within a matter of 30 days. I can't say it has been an easy road for me for the last 6 months, heck I can't even believe its been 6 months already. I am knee deep in crap. I am actually, treading water in a sea of CRAP! Not too sure which direction to swim in.

Things aren't so bad, I have to add. I am sure it could be a lot worse. The Asshat ( term of enderment) and I are actually very nice to each other, with the execption of me getting super angry on occasion and not being able to hold my lady like mouth in check. But other than the random "you suck" or "you ruined my life", things could be a lot worse I guess.

Why can't life be like a TV show, why can't I just one day wake up and I am in great apartment, with great furniture, new life, new everything? Why don't I have the job of my dreams? Why am I not divorced yet? WHY IS HE STILL HERE? Is that a wart on my ring finger?

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Steph O. said...

It's a good term of endearment.

I hate the days where I wake up & realize how far off I am from where I want to be. My mom says things like "it won't be like this forever" & "time wounds all heels". Sometimes though, I'd just like to fast forward a bit to a happier part.

I hope life gets better for you soon! :)