Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you want me to be there.......

Is it so incredible hard to give fair warning for a family event? I realize I won't be getting a formal invitation. I realize that I am probably one of the very last people on your list to be contacted. But giving me and my family a phone call in desperation that the "family event of the year" is happening in less then three hours and our being there is the very important, is just not right.

I wonder why my family acts so shocked when I arrive late and leave early? Are they that surprised I am not bringing any food to this function. Are they shocked when I don't help set up or clean up. I sure hope not. Because clearly everyone else got the memo to participate, just not us!

So going forward, if you want me and my family to be at any family function I am going to require some sort of notice. Our family is very busy! As all families are. Dropping everything we have to attend a party just isn't going to happen anymore!

( I will let you know how this works, August is a busy "family" month for us. Usually, we get a phone call at work telling us that there will be a family fiesta at 4pm that day! )


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Pinkzombies said...

ohhh. I just HAD to back up and comment on this, because it came to mind this morning when i was reading a email from my MIL. Today is Friday and she just invited all us kids to a birthday party for our FIL on Sunday. Ack! As you know the Fair is currently going on and I have planned with 4 additional people (besides my husband and myself) to all go together. Now everything is canceled for a last minute birthday party THAT WE HAVE TO GO TO. laws.

Little to say I NOW feel your pain.