Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had to giggle, just a little.

I am not too sure if I have expressed my total disappointment with my family member's when they leave an empty toliet paper roll in the bathroom. Many a time I have run into the bathroom, ready to do my business and there is no toliet paper left. Which leaves me screaming from upstairs for help and replacment paper. To which the response is a bunch of giggles.

I feel I am the only person in my household that this effects. I am not sure if they are even aware we run out of toliet paper. I am pretty sure my lovely younger daughter has resorted to using the toliet paper roll without any hesitation on her part. Like that would be the normal progression once the paper is gone. Now she is a teenager and would be mortified to no end that I am telling the world ( well, our loyal 12 followers) that she has used the brown tube as a form of toliet paper, but she has also fallen asleep on the toliet before so nothing surpirses me about her anymore!

But last night I had my sweet justice. My husaband and I were watching TV, and a shout came from above, "OH GOD! WE ARE OUT OF PAPER!"... I had a giggling fit, that quite possibly could have gone so far as to pee my pants! My Step-Daughter was in the bathroom with no toliet paper, and was threatening to use her father's boxers to wipe! ( he leaves his boxers on the bathroom floor, but that is a whole other post! You, my friends are going to have to wait for that one! ) As she was shouting, and my husabnd was ignorning, and I was giggling, nobody was going to her rescue. Then my husband turns to me and goes "I can't go up there"...not too sure about that reasoning, but he soon realized I wasn't going to go either. So finally, he got tired of her threats and caved in and gave her some toliet paper.

Maegen finally came out of the bathroom, grubling and complaining how wrong it is that someone used up all the paper and didn't replace it. I kept quite, secretly agreeing with her. Wondering if she will FINALLY understand?


Kitty said...

Ah! Sweet, sweet justice!!

Steph O. said...


No, sadly, she probably WON'T get the connection!