Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seriously, I am not hatin' on the old people.

Why is it that every AWESOME senior has to make their way about town when I am on my lunch hour?

I had some lunch hour errands to run and it left me little time for a nutricious meal, so I decided the quickest thing would hit a fast food resturant on my way back to work. I turn in and think to myself "COOL! Only one car in line!". JACKPOT! Or so I thought. Oh NO! It was a VAN LOAD of Sexy Seniors, who collectiavly have never entered a drive through before and this was like conquering Mt. Everst for them. As the leader of the Funky Bunch decided to take over their food ordering, he was yelling into the little box to a person on the other end, who let's just say, hasn't mastered the English Language yet, and my Sizzling Senior has also not mastered wearing his hearing aid. So the conversation was a little entertaining!

As Gramps kept trying to tell the man on the other end to wait. The employee couldn't understand Grandpa and kept saying "did you want to make that a combo?" as Gramps replyed " THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! WAIT A MINUTE" then the employe "You do want a combo?" and GRAMPS turns to the ladies in the car "GOD DAMN IT!"... this would all be pretty funny if I wasn't ON MY LUNCH HOUR! Then as I am thinking this display of total communication breakdown was ending. The side door of the mini van BUSTS open. The ladies in the back wanted to look at the menu better. So they look, the talk, they look again, they talk. They ordered a DIET PEPSI! Yes my friends, a SODA! All that for a soda.

Moral of the story, I hope I live long enough to drive someone else nuts!



Steph O. said...

ROTFLMAO!!! TO think, if they'd just gone in to order, you'd have missed the entertainment.

Sorry, that just reminds of the really great "fights" that DH's grandparents get into. Neither one of them needs a hearing aid, just ask them. So, the more g-ma has to repeat herself, the more frustrated she gets. Then she finally yells "George, you make me so mad, you just don't listen" & he yells back "GD Gloria, if you would ever shut up, it's always blah,blah,blah.."

Damn, now I miss them. Is it too late for a call to MT?

Christina said...

I don't get the deal with old people either! I love it when you rush to the lab to get blood work before work at 7am and 40+ senior citizens are already there waiting in line, and they've been there since 6am! They have all day!!! I'm trying to get to work.