Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes, you should replace the empty toilet paper roll!

I live with one husband, one 23 year old step daughter and one 14 year old daughter. These are not children, they are well civilized members of society. Or so they should be!

Then why is it that the three of them collectively can not replace an empty toilet paper roll? Why do I have to yell, and stomp my feet down a flight of stairs to get them to realize that this CRAP ISN'T FUNNY! I swear I hear their giggly voices when I go into the bathroom to "do my business" and there isn't a roll of paper to be found! I have learned, never to assume there is paper on the roll, I always look. Because they think its even funnier, when I am trapped in the bathroom, and they all pretend they can't hear me screaming their God given names!

I have resorted to keeping mounds of TP supplies in each bathroom, but it never fails, when that mound gets empty the little bastards are unable to go into the garage and retrieve anymore.

So I am wondering if it is child abuse if I give each family member an allotted one roll of toilet paper each week, to be worn around their little scrawny necks. That one roll will be all they get for a week? I swear on Mr. Whipple's grave that I am about to go drastic on these heathens if they don't replace a simple toilet paper roll when it is empty.


Steph O. said...

You're the mom, isn't it your job? ;) Just kidding! I have the same gripe at work & at home with my husband. I do wonder what all these people would wipe their tushes with if I weren't around!

Pinkzombies said...

hehe.... my husband isn't as bad, but it will bring a new roll in and leave it on the sink...unable to actually put it in the dispensor, but at least I'm very left stranded.