Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hold it! Part Deux

Kitty! It is not a hard thing to do!

This is my all time, number one, top of the mountain, numero uno, BIG WINNER, pet peeve of all time. ( not really, there is more!). Is it so hard to stop for a moment, pause, and hold the door for a person? How about throw in a smile?

I have stuggled with a cup of coffee, purse, car keys, lunch, and a host of other crap in my hands, to have a fellow co-worker look over at me and practically race me to the door. What I hope happens is this fellow co-worker holds it open, greets me with a "good morning, do you need some help?" I wish that happens but, HECK NO! What does happen is this person rushes up a small set of stairs, uses their FOB to open the security monitor and then lets the door slam behind them, and leaves me with all my crap, my mouth open in disbelief and a bucket of curse words for them under my breath.

So to my fellow door openers. I salute you. I go out of my way to hold a door open, somedays I am thanked, and some days I am not. I am not in it for the glory, its a silent cause I choose. A type of martyr, I like to think of myself as the Joan Ark of door holders. But I ask of you my friends, take the time to hold the door open, smile, maybe even throw in a good morning, or good afternoon. You may not be appriciated, but you will know you have done something nice for someone.


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Steph O. said...

I'm a door holder. This ended up getting me rather ticked last night.

I was leaving a building after a religious service & saw a 9-10yr old coming out carrying the trash from the bathrooms (we do light cleaning after every meeting to keep it looking nice). So, I hold the door open for her & get a snide glare in response! I had THOUGHT the proper response would be "thank you".

To be clear, this is NOT a child I like very much. I think the twerp needs a spanking. But she has a "holier-than-thou" mother whose children can't possibly do any wrong, so I didn't correct her on it either. I did fume about it a little to my mom & older sis though.