Friday, May 22, 2009

Everyone must wait their turn.

Why is it that old people, seniors, the AARP crowd, grandma's and general geriatrics think they are above waiting in line? Why do these people think that cramming their carts into the back of my heels might make the line go faster? Do they really think that hacking up a lung in my ear will actually make the cashier move a little faster? NO! Everyone must wait their turn.

I wonder, is it all seniors? Or is it the seniors that seek me out?

One more thing. Do all senior citizens need to go for their "joy rides" while I am on my lunch hour? I only have a small window of opportunity to enjoy my lunch, and really driving behind you and Myrtle, going 25 miles per hour does not help the experience.

* I would like to apologize to any LOVELY SENIORS that read this blog, this was not directed towards YOU personally, just the ones that go below the speed limit, get all huffy in lines, and that enjoy hacking a lung in my general direction, thank you*


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Steph O. said...

I noticed that yesterday on the flight home. Why does being a senior give you the right to make bodily noises that may gag the people around you? There was a guy 2 rows back who was having a flem issue. This is NOT a sound I can handle & felt that he should've taken care of it in the restroom.

Not all, but certainly some seniors seem to feel as though though their age gives them the right to reject the manners they were raised with!