Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I swear I am not the Thank You card police!

I am a big fan of sending cards. Thank you cards, birthday cards, miss you cards, and just because cards. But as of lately I have been slacking on my card sending duties. I am sure nobody has noticed, but I have. I think it is because my Aunite Margret who was 85 and who lived alone in NYC passed away last year. I used to send her cards every chance I got. Now I don't have a special card person to send a card too any more. Maybe I will start sending them to my mom, who by the way lives in the same town as myself and who I talk to everyday, so I think the card sending might seem silly, but I will give it at shot.

BUT! To help my blogging friends send a card for free to their special someone (maybe to Nana? Kitty!) I found a promo code for Hallmark.com. You just need to select and personalize your card ( make sure it's $3.49 or less), then use the promo code ICTCARD, and Hallmark will print and MAIL your card for you. I have done this a couple if times, it's very easy to do!

Have fun, and make someones day!


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