Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you & Come again!

Have you noticed that customer service is really lacking in the retail market? At Target, they are so frazzled to rush you through the line, that they hardly look up and practically throw your items at you to get you out the door faster. At McDonald's, Lord knows what will end up in your bag because the employees are so programed to get a person out the door that THEY don't even know what they are putting in the bags.

Just yesterday, I went to Kohl's. I purchased one item. I was in a short line, one person was ahead of me. I thought to myself, great! I will get out of here, PRONTO! Well, the checker picked up the phone during the transaction ahead of me, and it looked like she was going to take care of us then get back to the phone. Or so I thought. She did take care of the person in front of me, proceeded to pick up the phone, tells the person on the other end of her call, "I have one more". ( I assume, that was code for "customer") Keeps the phone at her ear, finished my transaction, puts the bag down, the receipt on top of the bag, hangs up the phone and WALKS AWAY! I hadn't even put my wallet away, when she was GONE! Nothing! Crickets! No, Thank you! No, Have a nice day! No, Thank you for shopping at Kohl's! Just the dust she kicked up from run/walking away!

So I say to those few who read this rant, Thank you & Come Again!


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