Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The power of a Thank You card.

As I sat at work today, trying to order the perfect thank you card, I wondered what happened to the Thank You card? Sure, I get one once a year from my dentist, and the Honda Dealership always sends me one after my routine oil change. But other than that, where did it go?

Are people too busy in their daily lives that a simple note of thanks is too much? I admit, I do send the occasional thank you e-mail, a quick note to thank someone. But for gifts or over the top gestures, I think a personalized note is important.

Trying to explain the power of the Thank You note to my 14 year old sometimes falls on deaf ears. Trust me, there have been many a late night where I have found myself yelling "just sign your name" or "it's for Grandma, JUST DO IT!" But for the most part she just does it, because I told her to. Do I think the Thank You note tradition will be handed down to her daughter some day? It's too early to tell, but I hope so.

For now, I will threaten her within the last inch of her cell phone's life to do her Thank You cards. And she will do them, and I will beam with pride when my mom calls to tell me I am doing a good job with my daughter.


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Pinkzombies said...

I love cards...Holiday are a given. But you hit home for me, I personally was just thinking this morning of how I forgot to thank someone for something they did for me 5 months ago. thank you, I'm going to write them a note tonight.