Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness Gone Wrong

Today is Sunday, and Mother's day. I took my usual trip to Target for the weekly odds and ends that I needed. The store was unusually empty, and I was in a great Mother's Day spirit.

I go to checkout, and was behind a little girl. She was very sweet, she kept moving her two items up the belt so I can get more stuff on it, and she was very worried about my things. When she went to pay, Ms. Smarty Pants /Target employee ( she deserves her own paragraph to herself) informs the little girl she was short some change. I chime in and let her know I had a dollar she could have. Proceeded to give the little girl the extra money she needed. The little girl said thank you and off she went.

I felt good, it was nice to do something for someone. Not that Ms. Smarty Pants/Target employee gave a flying rats ass about it. I proceeded to have MSP/TE ring up my items, and she noticed I had a ton of coupons. She was not happy with me, or the long line behind me that was forming. I happen to look back in the line and I see the little girl telling her mom that I had given her some money for her purchase. What do I see? The little girls extra LARGE mother, yelling at her about taking money from me! My hands were shaking. I was trying to pay attention to MSP/TE who kept giving me crap about every freakin' coupon, while trying very hard not to look at this poor girl, getting verbally assaulted by her Hostess Twinkie Lovin' Mother!

The mother marched past me, clearly angry. I tried to not look in her direction and focus my attention on this Target employee who felt it was her mission to dispute every coupon that I had handed to her. I was so flustered I wanted to run away.

But in the end, the little girl got her toy and I felt like I had done something nice. The little girl has a new toy and I saved $16.00 bucks! HA! To you Ms. Smarty Pants/Target Employee, see you next Sunday!



M said...

woah, that mom needs to LIGHTEN UP! (no pun intended)

Steph O. said...

Poor kid! :^(

I understand teaching your kids not to take things from strangers, but I'm going to guess that you don't look dangerous either.

Woohoo for $16-saving coupons!

Pinkzombies said...